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Professional Workshops: Schedule

All professional workshops (except for the online workshops) will run from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Additional help is available upon request outside of classroom hours.

Scheduled Workshops

Workshops (except for the online workshops) are held on the Dartmouth College campus. Workshops highlight case studies from both manufacturing and service organizations, presenting robust and applicable content to satisfy virtually every individual.

See the calendar for scheduled workshops.

Register online for online workshops, or contact us to register for in-person workshops.

Custom Workshops

We offer custom workshops for all levels of certification. We tailor workshops to your company's specific needs and conduct them at a site of your choice. Our staff will work with you to schedule times and venues.

Note: Yellow Belt workshops are available on a custom basis only.

  • For Manufacturing Companies
    Workshop modules will focus on the needs of manufacturers and classroom examples will be specific to the industry. The curriculum will include case studies that take into account the unique requirements of your manufacturing challenges.

  • For Service Companies
    Lean Six Sigma can benefit service organizations—where value centers on a person's actions. We understand the service industry and can show you how to improve your practices to achieve substantial cost savings. Workshop topics will mirror your organization's needs.

Contact us to schedule a custom workshop.