ENGS 147: Mechatronics


16S: 3A

No Textbook Required

17S: 3A


ENGS 26 or ENGS 145 and two of ENGS 31, ENGS 32, ENGS 33, ENGS 76 or equivalent

Mechatronics is the systems engineering approach to computer-controlled products. This course will integrate digital control theory, real-time computing, software design, sensing, estimation, and actuation through a series of laboratory assignments, complementary lectures, problem sets, and a final project. Topics covered will include microprocessor based real-time computing, digital control, state estimation, signal conditioning, sensors, autonomous navigation, and control architectures for autonomous systems.

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Micromouse Competition


Mechatronics: Engineering students build autonomous, robotic sailboats that integrate elements of control theory into their design for their ENGS 147 course.

Micromouse Competition: Students in a Mechatronics class design and construct a robot micromouse to navigate a maze.