ENGS 130: Mechanical Behavior of Materials


15F: 10

Optional Textbooks:
Elements of the Mechanical Behavior of Solids, Nam P. Suh.
Mechanical Metallurgy, Dieter; McGraw Hill, 3rd Edition, ISBN 0070168938.
Mechanical Behavior of Materials, William Hosford, 2005, ISBN-10 0521195691.

16F: 10


ENGS 24 and ENGS 33, or equivalent

Classnotes will be distributed at the start of the class.

A study of the mechanical properties of engineering materials and the influence of these properties on the design process. Topics include: tensorial description of stress and strain; elasticity; plastic yielding under multiaxial loading; flow rules for large plastic strains; microscopic basis for plasticity; viscoelastic deformation of polymers; creep; fatigue; and fracture.