Breast Imaging System

This system was designed primarily for breast imaging. It couples a 64-channel electrical impedance tomography (EIT) system with a mechanical housing that interfaces to a clinical breast biopsy exam table. The 64 channels are configured as four circular planes of 16 electrodes, with each plane actuated by stepper motors to open and close so they can accept breasts of different sizes. The system, which is capable of recording impedances from 10 kHz to 10 MHz, is a so-called parallel drive system in which voltages and currents are driven and sensed on all electrodes simultaneously.

Breast imaging system
The breast imaging system. Top left: Custom designed four-channel data acquisition module based on DSP and FPGA hardware. Top right: 64 channel EIT system mounted on a mechanical assembly with electrode rods that translate in and out to accommodate different breast sizes. Bottom left: Full EIT assembly on portable cart. Bottom right: EIT system mounted beneath a clinical breast biopsy table.