Traumatic Brain Injury Imaging System

This system was designed primarily for monitoring traumatic brain injury. It integrates an 8-channel electrical impedance tomography system with a physiological monitoring system (Biopac) to record and display real-time (30 frames per second) images of changing conductivity in synchrony with recording of physiological signals (for example, intracranial pressure and arterial blood pressure). It operates in so-called tetrapolar mode, in which current is driven between a pair of electrodes while voltages are sensed on the other electrodes. This helps to reduce image artifacts associated with the high impedance electrode-skin interface.

Traumatic brain injury imaging system
Traumatic brain injury imaging system: National Instrument-based system (NI USB-6259) with custom front-end hardware System Specification: Current drive, BW ~200kHz (typical operation at 50 kHz), 30 fps continuous, nine channels.