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The best foundation for anything

An engineering degree from Thayer School prepares you to go out into the world and identify problems that need solving. In fact, rather than look for a position to fill, our graduates often create their own jobs—and new jobs for others.

"We need to break out of the mindset that views engineering as a way to 'get a good job' and instead recognize it as a way to develop the skills needed for technological innovation and job creation."
—Joe Helble, Dean

Explore your potential

Thayer School offers a wide range of internships and research opportunities so you can try out a variety of fields through real-world, hands-on experience. Thayer School Career Services provides counseling, networking resources, career information, and other services to assist you in carving out your own niche.

Just the facts

Over 90% of Thayer School graduates seeking employment find full-time positions within 6 months of graduation.

Some graduates become professional engineers. Others become:

Approximately half of undergraduate engineering majors go into full-time employment after graduation and the other half go on to graduate school.

Twenty percent of Bachelor of Engineering graduates are continuing with graduate school, while the balance of B.E.s accept positions in a variety of fields including technical business management and consulting.

Nearly all Master of Engineering Management graduates enter directly into full-time positions in areas such as engineering project management, consulting, or finance.

Between 20-40% of M.S. graduates continue on to pursue a Ph.D. while the remaining 60-80% secure employment as R&D engineers, research associates and the like.

Ph.D. recipients may enter into professorships (15%), post-doc/research positions (50-60%), entrepreneurship or industry (approx. 30%). (Thayer School now offers the nation's first doctoral-level engineering Innovation Program.)

Average Starting Salaries for 2017 Graduates

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