Engineering in Medicine

Engineering in medicine research addresses today's technology-driven healthcare system. Advances depend not only on clinical expertise, but also on those trained to look at the technical side of patient care.

Faculty in engineering in medicine

Core engineering faculty conducting research with applications in medicine include:

Current research projects

You can browse or search current research projects involving engineering in medicine.

Collaboration between Dartmouth engineers, computer scientists, medical researchers, and clinicians speeds the testing and implementation of technological advances.

In this video, Brian Pogue, Professor of Engineering, Surgery, and Physics and Astronomy, discusses optics in medicine research at Dartmouth:

Here, Professor Keith Paulsen, Director of the Advanced Imaging Center at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, talks about breast-cancer imaging techniques that go beyond mammography:

Professor Solomon Diamond discusses his research on developing technology to study human brain function, including brain mapping and studying brain dynamics:

Professor Jane Hill discusses her work to advance breath-based diagnosis of infectious diseases:

Ryan Halter, Assistant Professor of Engineering and Adjunct Assistant Professor of Surgery at Geisel School of Medicine, discusses his work with prostate cancer research and looking at the electrical properties of tissue:

Professor Karl Griswold explains his work with Computer Science Professor Chris Bailey-Kellogg to develop safer and more effective therapeutic proteins:

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