Axel Scherer

Axel Scherer

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics, California Institute of Technology
Visiting Professor of Engineering



Axel Scherer is the Bernard A. Neches Professor of Electrical Engineering, Applied Physics and Physics at Caltech. He received his PhD in 1985, and after working in the Microstructures Research Group at Bellcore, he joined the Electrical Engineering option at Caltech in 1993. Professor Scherer's group now works on micro- and nanofabrication of optical, magnetic and fluidic devices. He has co-authored over 300 publications and holds over 70 patents in the fields of optoelectronics, microfluidics, and new nanofabrication techniques. Professor Scherer has co-founded three high-technology companies and built a state of the art laboratory for advanced high-resolution lithography and pattern transfer at Caltech. He has pioneered microcavity lasers such as vertical cavity surface emitting lasers, microdisk lasers and photonic crystal lasers in many materials systems. Presently, his group works on integration of microfluidic chips with electronic, photonic and magnetic sensors. His group has also developed silicon nanophotonics and surface plasmon enhanced light emitting diodes, and has perfected the fabrication and characterization of ultra-small structures by lithography and electron microscopy.


Research Interests

Design and integration of functional nanostructures for optical, electronic, magnetic, microfluidic applications; silicon nanophotonics and opto-fluidic integration; photonic crystal optical nanocavities; miniaturization of magnetic manipulators and nuclear magnetic resonance sensors; monolithic integration of microfluidics, thermal management and detection systems for chemical and biological analysis; automation of lithographic tools for the construction and evaluation of nanofabricated devices

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