About the Dean's Council

The Dean's Council is an advisory group of young alumni who provide Thayer School leadership with input and counsel on the vitality and direction of the School from the perspective of early-career professionals.

Members are appointed to one, non-renewable, three-year term and will be led by a Chair, to be appointed by the Dean.

Criteria for Membership

Members must be Thayer or Dartmouth Engineering Sciences graduates and have received their highest Dartmouth/Thayer degree within the last 15 years at the time of appointment. Council members are nominated for dedication to Thayer School, leadership roles held as early-career professionals, and for the distinct academic accomplishments of each nominee.

Expectations of Members


The Council will meet once a year. Council meetings will last for half of the day and will include an evening social gathering.


For questions or more information, contact Jennifer Seiler, Director, Alumni Engagement and Advancement Events: