Research Administration

Grant Managers (GMs) provide budget development and comprehensive support for all administrative requirements related to proposal submission to both federal and non-federal sponsors. GMs also provide award management via financial analysis, reporting and spending projections for faculty PIs.

Our office fosters a climate of research compliance through monthly audits of all transactions on both research and discretionary accounts as well as management of labor certification reports each year. Contact your GM with any questions.


Proposal Preparation

Award Management


Labor Certification



Tracy E. Ballou, Director of Research Administration
+1 (603) 646-0616

Angela Beaupre, Financial and Research Analyst
+1 (603) 646-9074

Cathleen Duffy, Financial and Research Analyst
+1 (603) 646-9956

Jodi Harrington, Senior Financial and Research Analyst
+1 (603) 646-2455