PCI-2014: Topics

This conference will cover various topics related to physical and chemical properties of ice in condensed matter physics, surface science, chemistry, geophysics, space science, biology, and materials science. Sessions will be organized so as to promote interdisciplinary discussion of the physics and chemistry of ice. Session topics include:

Frost flowers on refrozen sea ice
Detail of frost flowers formed on refrozen sea ice in a test hole cut in the ice on Hudson Bay on March 2, 2008. Surface air temperature -29 °C. Photograph by Rachel Obbard.
  • Stable and metastable phases of ice
  • Bulk properties of ice
  • Surface properties of ice
  • Defects in ice
  • Phase transition of ice and snow and crystal patterns
  • Clathrate hydrates
  • Ice and biology
  • Ice thin film
  • Ice in space and in the atmosphere
  • Chemical and physical reactions on ice
  • Applied physics of ice and snow
  • Others