Videos of PCI-2014 Session 5: Snow (Morphology)

Towards the Macroscopic Modeling of Dry Snow Metamorphism Using an Upscaling Method

Calonne; Geindreau; & Flin

The Temperature -Gradient Metamorphism of Snow: Toward an Evaluation of 3D Numerical Models by Time Lapse Images Acquired Under X-Ray Tomography?

Flin; Calonne; Lesaffre; Dufour; Philip; Rolland du Roscoat; & Geindreau

Alternating and Single-Direction Temperature Gradient Influence on Sintering of Ice Spheres

Wang & Baker

Reconstructed Morphology of Rough Ice Facets by Variable Pressure Scanning Electron Microscopy

Neshyba; Roesel; Roeselova; Gladich; Burns; Jaeger; & Harrison