Videos of PCI-2014 Session 10: Ice Cores and Miscellaneous

A Multi-Method Approach to the Dielectric Properties of Natural Firn and Ice at KHZ- and Radio Frequencies

Bohleber; Hackel; Eisen; & Wilhelms

Bubble Size, Shape and Number-Density Evolution Through the WDC06A Brittle-Ice Zone

Fegyveresi; Alley; Fitzpatrick; Spencer; Stevens; & Voigt

Physical Properties of the WAIS Divide Deep Ice Core, Antarctica

Fitzpatrick; Fegyveresi; Voight; Jardine; Wilen; Stevens; McConnell; & Alley

Strong Anisotrophic Dynamics and Tunneling of Ultra-Confined Water

Kolesnikov; Anovitz; Mamontov; Podlesnyak; & Ehlers

Spectroscopic Demonstration of Ortho-Water Enrichment Using a Novel Magnetic Focusing Methodology

Turgeon; Vermette; Ayotte; Lisitin; Kravchuk; Meir; Ofer; & Alexandrowicz