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With an eye on rising rents, cities start to regulate Airbnb

Oct 01, 2018   |   The Christian Science Monitor

"The Boston City Council in June passed new rules that will outlaw many of Airbnb’s entire-home listings, including 'investor units' that are not owner-occupied," writes The Christian Science Monitor.

"Boston’s move is part of a wider trend, as a range of cities weigh greater regulation of the gig economy and Airbnb in particular. This fall, city governments from Dublin to Paris, New Orleans to Baltimore, are considering rules aimed at what they see as Airbnb fallout: noisy tourists and soaring rental prices. At stake is a balance between small-business freedom and market oversight.

"'You have to be careful with these regulations, thinking about how you balance all the interests,' says Geoffrey Parker, an engineering professor at Dartmouth in Hanover, NH, and author of 'Platform Revolution.' 'You’re trying to achieve a policy goal, which is a valid one, but the question is, who is going to bear that cost?'”

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