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Will Google Health Platformize the Electronic Health Record Market?

May 26, 2021   |   The Health Care Blog

"COVID-19... is accelerating many trends that already have slowly been transforming the healthcare industry," according to a blog about electronic health records (EHR) co-written by Professor Geoffrey Parker and published by The Health Care Blog.

..."For over a decade we’ve been reading about the need for EHR 2.0. This next generation of EHR capabilities bring platform features such as: vendors with a mindset of orchestrating vs. controlling; a fertile ecosystem of 3rd party apps; and a focus on value creation through seamless data interoperability."

..."The era of ossified EHRs is likely coming to an end. EHRs originated as software to be installed on client’s servers. While they’ve mostly made the transition to the cloud – there’s one huge step yet to be completed — the pipe to platform transition. We see signs that EHRs are finally being reimagined as platforms. As a result, we would expect to see ripples if not outright disruption throughout the industry as firms jockey to maintain or gain access to users in order to bring their solutions to market, thereby significantly increasing the rate of innovation."

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