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Why we need more women in tech by 2030—and how to do it

Nov 21, 2017   |   World Economic Forum

..."Research shows that diverse teams perform better," writes the World Economic Forum. "Individuals from different genders, races, backgrounds and experiences bring different perspectives that can lead to innovative solutions. Given the changes being brought on by the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR), we can’t afford not to have all hands on deck. ...

..."Research has shown that women want to make a difference in the world. For example, the American Association of University Women conducted a study which found that women place a higher value on careers that involve helping and working with other people. California's Harvey Mudd College put this into practice by creating computer science and engineering courses that emphasised collaboration and problem-solving. It worked; the college has since graduated majority-women engineering and computer science classes. Dartmouth has had similar success through an engineering programme with an emphasis on problem-solving, collaboration and support for students. The historical focus of entry-level science, math and engineering courses on ‘weeding out’ students chased away women; now we need to focus on how to include everyone."

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