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When Design Thinking Sessions Are Good, They Are Wicked Good

Apr 26, 2019   |   Inside Higher Ed

"This week, I had the opportunity to participate in a design thinking session run by professor Eugene Korsunskiy," writes Inside Higher Ed "It was wicked good. (Can you tell that I grew up in Boston?) ...

..."Mostly, I’ve grown to hate these meetings. They almost never, in my experience, result in anything actually happening. The design thinking exercises seem to be the ends, rather than the means to do something else. The fastest way to send me to the exits is to pull out a set of multi-colored sticky notes and a box of pipe cleaners.

"The design thinking session that Eugene facilitated, however, was really good. Excellent even. Professor Korsunskiy was able to surface a huge number of ideas, challenges, and possible solutions. The quality of the thinking and collaboration in the room was way beyond what I would have gotten by leading a seminar-type discussion.The design thinking moves that professor Korsunskiy introduced and facilitated resulted in a group collaboration that was generative, productive, and energizing.

"Why was this design thinking session so good, but so many others (that at least I’ve participated in) so bad?" ...

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