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Vermont Calls for AI 'Code of Ethics'

Jan 24, 2020   |   StateScoop

"Members of a first-of-its-kind Vermont state task force on artificial intelligence say regulating the technology itself would have unintended consequences, but that they also see promise in creating a “code of ethics” that could drive responsible use of AI within the state and position Vermont as a leader nationally," reports StateScoop.

"The 14-member task force released its recommendations Wednesday after a series of monthly meetings that began September 2018. The group, including representatives from government, academia, industry and civil liberties groups, studied current and future applications of AI, as well as how to ensure ethical testing and use without inhibiting innovation. ...

"...The report also identified several sectors that could benefit from increased AI adoption and development, including precision agriculture, public safety and public health. To avoid infringing on civil liberties and reductions in employment as the technology develops, however, the task force would need to be made permanent, the report says. Task force member Eugene Santos Jr., a Dartmouth College engineering professor, said the idea is to create an independent agency that government officials and the public could go to with ideas, questions and concerns about the technology.

“'AI is crosscutting,' Santos said. 'The last thing Vermont agencies want is that one comes up with a policy, another comes up with a policy and you just find that "oh, they’re in conflict," and there’s nothing uniform about anything.'”

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