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US Tech Employment Reaches 7.3 Million

Apr 28, 2017   |   GoodCall

Jennifer St. Laurence
Jen St. Laurence

GoodCall quotes Jen St. Laurence, Director of Thayer School Career Services, about how Thayer "has seen a steady increase in companies looking to employ graduates who have either a tech or engineering background. 'Specifically, in the computer software computer science sector, employers have been posting positions and participating in on campus recruiting events at a very high rate over the 12 years I've been here.' And she says there has also been an increase in students who are interested in the tech sector.

“'We’ve seen an increase in postings and interest from some of the large tech firms — Microsoft, Facebook, Google — as well as other large and smaller computer software companies in the computer science sector,' St. Laurence says. 'What’s interesting is that more of the employers posting jobs today, even if they’re not hiring for a tech position, would like candidates with some technology or problem-solving backgrounds.'”

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