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This Tech Teacher of the Year Wants To Stomp Out Math Phobia and Level the Playing Field

Jan 31, 2019   |   WOMEN 2.0

"Petra Bonfert-Taylor’s work is not limited to the walls of her Ivy League school. In fact, she was named the 2018 Tech Teacher of the Year by the New Hampshire High Tech Council’s TechWomen | TechGirls Committee," writes WOMEN 2.0.

"In addition to being the web editor of the International Mathematical Union’s Committee on Women in Mathematics, Bonfert-Taylor’s Washington Post op-ed, “Stop Telling Kids You’re Bad at Math,” was a wake-up call that theses types of comments perpetuate math skills as unnecessary and hard to understand, and also contribute to math phobia among students. ...

... "Phobias, insecurities, and the absence of a strong STEM background have deterred countless millions of girls from pursuing STEM careers. However, Bonfert-Taylor has developed several programs to make engineering and math accessible."

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