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This Kellogg MBA Is Helping To Reduce Clothing Waste, 1 Pair Of Jeans At A Time

Jan 28, 2021   |   Poets & Quants

"During Marcus Schneider's time as senior supply chain analyst at Nike, he was shocked by the amount of clothing sitting in distribution centers after being returned. All were destined for the landfill," reports Poets & Quants in a feature story on Marcus Schneider Th'14.

..."Originally a material science engineering undergrad from Dartmouth College, Schneider worked at Deloitte Consulting after graduation before landing his gig at Nike."

..."Schneider’s material science engineering degree was an asset as he began to plan the production of again&again jeans. After connecting with a number of textile recycling mills, he sourced 300 denim samples from six countries."

Of his company, again&again jeans, Schneider told Poets & Quants, "We're pretty small, but we've still already gotten some letters from consumers that are excited and love the jeans. And that's what's really fun for me. Little by little, we want to continue fulfilling orders and see the impact of our sustainability efforts."

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