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Their Graduates in Demand, Engineering-Management Programs Gain in Popularity

Dec 05, 2018   |   The Chronicle of Higher Education

"... master’s programs in engineering management (MEM’s or MSEM’s) have become increasingly popular, particularly over the last decade," writes The Chronicle.

"'There’s not a single company that isn’t touched by engineering and technology,' says Ross Gortner, associate director of Dartmouth’s master-of-engineering-management program.

"Mark Allen, senior director of programs and engineering at Viant Medical, a medical-device manufacturer, says, 'These programs are really valuable because they teach engineers to translate the projects they’re working on into business.' Allen hired interns from Dartmouth’s program and then moved some of them into full-time jobs. ...

"... Gortner, the associate director of Dartmouth’s program, says that over its three decades it has evolved along with industry demands. At first, it drew mostly from Dartmouth graduates and emphasized engineering. Then it pulled from a more national pool and stressed operations management. After the financial crisis, it started recruiting more internationally and turning its attention to data analytics and the kind of platforms research necessary for businesses like Uber and Facebook. Over the Dartmouth program’s history, its cohorts have grown from 20 to 50."

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