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The top 25 colleges that produce the most startup founders

Sep 12, 2018   |   Yahoo Finance

"If you're hoping to launch a startup, chances are you'll need some funding down the road," writes Yahoo Finance, "and, according to the data, the university you attend can be one factor that impacts the amount of funding you'll receive after graduating.

"To further examine that, PitchBook crunched the numbers and compiled the top universities with graduates who went on to receive venture capitalist funding after leaving school. The list is ranked by how many graduates received funding, and the total funding granted to all graduates, based on data collected from 2006 to June 2018. PitchBook credits the success of certain schools to the strong focus on networking there, while other schools might just attract people who intend to build a startup.

"Here are the top 25 schools from the list, with their estimated tuitions included. ...

"25. Dartmouth College

  • Entrepreneurs: 367
  • Companies: 327
  • Capital raised: $US6.77 billion
  • Tuition: $US53,496"

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