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The Other MEMs: The Master of Engineering Management Degree

Mar 07, 2011   |   by Prachi Patel   |   IEEE Spectrum

Prateek Reddy wanted to pursue an interest in economics without pulling up roots he'd put down in electrical engineering as an undergraduate. So he chose a master of engineering management degree at Dartmouth College, in Hanover, N.H., where he's now in his second year.

"The best part," he says, "is flexibility—the opportunity to pursue whatever you want, technical research, marketing, or management."

The MEM is becoming popular among engineers who want to integrate technical know-how with business and law smarts, especially those who want to manage cutting-edge technologies or steer start-ups. Robert Graves, codirector of Dartmouth's program, says the degree is ideal for the kind of person who would rather become a chief technology officer than a chief executive officer. "We want to prepare managers who are technically astute, aware of business issues, and able to exhibit leadership."

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