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The Oprahs Of Biotech: People Who Can Go By First Name Only


April 10, 2015

By Luke Timmerman

Say the name ‘Oprah’ and everyone knows who you’re talking about. Not only is she famous, but she happens to have a rather distinctive first name. She can go by first name only.

The same can be said for a few people in biotechnology, at least among industry insiders. Of course, nobody in the business of developing new drugs, diagnostics, devices, or research tools is a household name like Oprah.

With that, here are the people in biotech who the insiders know by first name alone...

...Tillman. Tillman Gerngross, a native of Austria, is another one of these biotech people who wears multiple hats. He’s a Dartmouth College professor of bioengineering, a university tech transfer official, a biotech entrepreneur (first GlycoFi, then Adimab), and a part-time venture capitalist (SV Life Sciences). See this profile from Xconomy last year.

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