The making of cyborgs and the challenges ahead


August 5, 2019

"Current neuromodulation systems need surgical implantation of bulky components with a limited battery life," writes Siddharth Pai for LiveMint. "Batteries impact an intervention’s cost and lifetime, a device’s size and weight, the need for repeat surgeries and problems of tissue-heating and performance compromises. ...

"[Rahul] Sarpeshkar holds dozens of patents in his name and has four concurrent professorships at Dartmouth, where he has moved after many years at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He and his collaborator, Dr. Mohan Kumar, a scientist with interests in ultra-low-power wearable systems for medical devices, have formed a firm called Neubionix to further develop Sarpeshkar’s patents from the time he was at MIT. One of the most fascinating of these is a flexible chip-type implant that harnesses glucose present in the body and converts it into electrical energy that can power a neurological implant."

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