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The Common Link: Creating Communities of Shared Passion

Nov 07, 2019   |   The Dartmouth

"The room was filled with hushed chatter and anticipation as the newly recognized Dartmouth Design Collective held the organization’s first gathering earlier this week," writes The Dartmouth. "The kickoff event featured a panel of four professional designers, two of whom were recent Dartmouth graduates. The panelists provided answers to questions from students and shared their own unique paths to careers in design. Panelist Ben Szuhaj ’19 explained how his own interest in design thinking began with the introductory course ENGS 12: Design Thinking—a comment greeted with a chorus of knowing laughs. ...

"Engineering professor Eugene Korsunskiy, the faculty advisor for the group, described the actions being taken by the group to preserve longevity.

"'[They are] making sure that leadership isn’t just seniors, but including ’21s, ’22s and ’23s as not only participants, but drivers of the organization,' Korsunskiy said.

"Korsunskiy, who teaches ENGS 12: Design Thinking as well as ENGS 15: Senior Design Challenge also remarked on the unique curricular and co-curricular relationship of the collective.

"'All my students who come through Design Thinking every term, I let them know they are invited into the organization,' Korsunskiy said. 'In that way, the group responds to a desire for more beyond the classroom, using the interest these courses spark and building on it.'"

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