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Tech Fair Thrills at Dartmouth

Apr 08, 2013   |   by Macy Ferguson   |   Valley News

Dartmouth students and other Upper Valley residents had a chance to witness the convergence of arts and sciences at the celebration and demonstration of a groundbreaking Serbian-American inventor’s life, work and legacy this week.

The Tesla TechFair at Thayer School of Engineering on Thursday was a byproduct of the opera Tesla in New York being shown at the Hopkins Center this weekend. The fair has been in the making for about a year, ever since the Hopkins Center reached out to Thayer faculty with the idea of collaborating over the inventor Nikola Tesla...

...“We wanted to put on an event that would highlight Tesla’s inventions and how they impact life today,” Thayer Associate Professor Ulrike Wegst said. “I’m really excited that there was a good response and that we have fun exhibition pieces.” Wegst helped organize the Telsa TechFair on behalf of Thayer.

The Hopkins Center also contributed greatly to the creation and execution of the events at Thayer. “The idea [for the Tesla TechFair] was borne out of conversations between the Hopkins Center and Thayer faculty,” Hopkins employee Stephanie Pachero said.

Divided between a panel discussion led by prominent professors and an experiential exhibition of student-produced projects, the fair was conceptually accessible for all audiences and ages.

“Everyone loves a science fair and this is a fun way to bring together arts and sciences,” Pachero said.

Tesla TechFair
Tesla TechFair in Thayer School's GlycoFi Atrium. Photo by Liza Friedman.

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