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Students present global health care initiatives

Jul 28, 2011   |   by Jenny Che   |   The Dartmouth

A team of Dartmouth students presented its proposed solution to a hypothetical global health problem in East Africa to an audience of faculty and students on Wednesday evening. The students, Vaidehi Mujumdar ’13, Saryah Azmat ’11, Cameron Nutt ’11, Allison Arensman Tu’11 and Maija Cheung DMS’13, received an honorable mention and $1,000 for their proposal at Emory University’s Global Health Case Competition in late March.

The third annual competition presented student teams with plausible global scenarios and asked them to provide recommendations that ranged from business management to health care analysis to international law, The Dartmouth previously reported. ...

The students’ academic background — which range from economics to engineering — helped students think critically and develop interdisciplinary perspectives regarding the evidence on which they based their interventions.

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