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Students and staff apply design thinking

Nov 14, 2017   |   The Dartmouth

"About 40 students and staff members attended a “Designing Your Life” workshop at House Center B on Monday," writes The Dartmouth. "The three-hour long interactive workshop included several experiments and activities that challenged students’ perceptions and encouraged open-mindedness.

"The workshop was organized by design thinking lecturer Eugene Korsunskiy and assistant director for health improvement at the Student Wellness Center Mary Nyhan and hosted by Allen House.

"In a joint interview, Korsunskiy and Nyhan emphasized the practical benefits of integrating the design principle of prototyping into students’ lives, suggesting methods include learning by doing, avoiding over-thinking, exposing and testing assumptions and failing early to succeed often....

..."The 'Designing Your Life' curriculum can also help students navigate difficult decisions, according to Thayer School of Engineering professor Peter Robbie.

"'The concept of prototyping and identifying lots of options basically changes the challenge from deciding to designing,' Robbie said. 'You’re designing alternatives. You’re not deciding when you’re 20 what you’re going to do when you’re 50.'"

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