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STEM program draws inspiration from ENGS 21

Nov 21, 2017   |   The Dartmouth

"Founded in 2013 by George Boateng ’16 Th’17, Project iSWEST, which stands for Innovating Solutions with Engineering, Science and Technology, is a three-week summer program for high school students in Ghana based in part on the College’s curriculum for Engineering Sciences 21, 'Introduction to Engineering,'" writes The Dartmouth. "The course serves as the flagship program of the Nsesa Foundation, a nonprofit founded and run by Boateng and six of his colleagues. ...

..."'Both the structure of the [iSWEST] program and the [innovation] course specifically were modeled after ENGS 21,' Boateng said, citing the course’s emphasis on problem-solving as a reason he chose to recreate the course in his home country."

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