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STEM grant links Dartmouth, Montshire to middle schools

Aug 30, 2019   |   Valley News

"Funded by a $1.3 million Science Education Partnership Award from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, the five-year project will connect Dartmouth professors and graduate students from multiple disciplines, as well as educators from the Montshire Museum, in Norwich, with public school teachers from Claremont Middle School, Tunbridge Central School, Indian River Middle School in Canaan and Barnet (Vt.) School to build STEM-focused lessons that emphasize hands-on, student-centered learning," writes the Valley News.

... "'We hope that by making the classroom engaging, students might stay interested in science longer,' said Roger Sloboda, a professor of biology at Dartmouth and project lead. 'Data show that students lose interest in science in middle school.'

"Those statistics can change, said Vicki May, a professor of engineering at Dartmouth’s Thayer School of Engineering and a member of the collaborative team.

"'Somebody on campus asked me, "how can you teach middle school students engineering?"' said May, who has led a variety of programs designed to make engineering fun and accessible to young people, including a build-your-own musical instrument workshop at the Montshire Museum. 'Kids love to be creative and build things.'"

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