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Souba revitalizes DMS curriculum

Jul 28, 2011   |   by Isha Flores   |   The Dartmouth

In his first year as dean of Dartmouth Medical School, Wiley Souba made efforts to “revitalize” DMS’ curriculum through a dual degree program and focused on enhancing the relationship between the medical school, the College and other graduate schools, Souba said in an interview with The Dartmouth.

Through the implementation of new programs and partnerships with the College, Souba hopes to make DMS the most “prestigious” and “unique” medical school in the country, DMS Associate Dean and Chief Operating Officer Charles Mannix said.

By working closely with College President Jim Yong Kim, Provost Carol Folt and various deans, Souba has forged “cross-institutional” links such as a joint bioengineering program with Thayer School of Engineering, according to Mannix. Unity with Thayer and the Tuck School of Business is important in order to take advantage of all the resources available at Dartmouth, Souba said.

“Our relationship with the business school and engineering school has improved dramatically [since Souba became dean],” Mannix said.

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