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Senior Spring: Jack Traynor '19 engineers an outstanding career

Apr 26, 2019   |   The Dartmouth

"If there is one thing linebacker and co-captain Jack Traynor ’19 has always been good at, it’s tackling: tackling the most high school opponents in Illinois history (378), tackling the second-most (98) foes in the Ivy League last year and tackling an impressive engineering course load," writes The Dartmouth.

..."Impressively, Traynor transfers his work ethic and mental prowess to the classroom, where he pushes himself to perfection in one of the hardest majors: engineering. Kaskey described a scenario in which Traynor was frustrated by his ECON 20, “Econometrics” exam score, leading him to believe Traynor had gotten a 'C.' He got a 93."

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