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Rugby's Olympic return in sight

Jul 23, 2012   |   by Scott Barboza   |   ESPN Boston

Alex Magleby's attention is directed south and four years into the future.

The world is about to be captivated by the London Olympics, but the Dartmouth rugby coach is already looking ahead, preparing for 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro. At that time, the sport of rugby will be reintroduced to the world (it was last an Olympic sport in 1924), and Magleby will be the man to lead the United States back.

The Americans technically are the defending gold medalists. Team USA claimed the prize out of a three-team field at the 1924 Games in Paris, pulling an upset for the ages over the host country. The U.S. also claimed gold in 1920. But much has changed since then. The Olympics will no longer feature rugby union, instead teams will play seven-a-side. But that's something Magleby believes can help spur the growth of the sport in the States...

...After high school, Magleby '00 came east to study engineering at Dartmouth and play rugby.

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