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Quintessential Dartmouth Classes

Aug 30, 2019   |   The Dartmouth

"There are some classes so quintessentially Dartmouth that it doesn’t hurt to put them on your radar to take over the next four years," writes Yuna Kim for The Dartmouth.

"One such course, beloved by Dartmouth students of all majors, is ENGS 12, 'Design Thinking.' Don’t be intimidated by the daunting engineering label, even if you might feel you’re as far from an engineering student as it gets. ENGS 12 is a collaborative, problem-solving course based on the design thinking process that challenges students to approach and tackle any problem creatively, whether it be building a roller coaster out of foam or solving income inequality on campus.

"Olivia Nadworny ’22, who took ENGS 12 her freshman winter, described the class as one that everyone should take because of the skills one can gain from taking it.

"'ENGS 12 is one of those classes that can be useful to any discipline because you learn critical thinking, teamwork and most of all, creativity,' Nadworny said. 'The class really teaches you to find your own creativity through the design process, which you can truly apply to all parts of your life.'"

Eugene Korsunskiy and Peter Robbie
ENGS 12 Professors Eugene Korsunskiy (l) and Peter Robbie (r). (Also shown: Ashley Manning '17; Photo by John Sherman.)

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