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Q&A: The Future of Africa's Power Sector

Apr 06, 2020   |   Africa Portal

"Rose M. Mutiso, an energy sector expert, discusses prospects for the future of Africa’s power sector as the continent seeks to bridge both its energy access and development gaps," in a Q&A feature with Africa Portal. "Mutiso is the research director at Energy for Growth Hub, where she works alongside global experts, finding solutions for energy deficits in developing countries. She is also the co-founder and CEO of the Mawazo Institute, which supports the next generation of female scholars and thought leaders in East Africa."

"I studied Applied Physics and during my PhD, I was researching materials that could be used for next generation solar cells, batteries and other energy applications. I came into energy from this scientific perspective, but quickly realised how influential energy is to our lives, underpinning our economic growth and quality of life. As a scientist, I became intrigued with how I could influence the energy space and gravitated towards the power sector, which is the electricity part of energy," said Mutiso '08 Th'08.

"Electricity is basically the flow of electrons, yet this simple thing becomes vastly complicated because of the diverse political, economic, environmental, and social factors that come into play when it comes to making, moving, and using electrons."

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