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Q&A: Dartmouth engineering dean Alexis Abramson on instilling human values in tech education

Jul 11, 2022   |   Insider Intelligence

"According to Thayer School of Engineering dean Alexis Abramson — who's also co-founder of Edifice Analytics — there's heightened awareness about the need for a human-centered approach to engineering that addresses the needs of all members of society. Achieving this requires students with more than technical skills; they also need to grasp diverse perspectives, present ideas with clarity, and have enough business savvy to successfully get their ideas to market," reports Insider Intelligence.

"In light of this, Dartmouth revamped part of its campus with a new Engineering and Computer Science Center, which, along with the Irving Institute for Energy and Society, provides a holistic interdisciplinary tech education and entrepreneurship hub.

"In an interview with Insider Intelligence, Abramson talks about how the school is helping students leverage tech as a solution for social issues and the push for a curriculum to meet global needs."

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