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Pulsed power makes windshield ice almost disappear

Mar 07, 2011   |   by David Brooks   |   Nashua Telegraph

Although this has been a snowy winter, it hasn’t been terribly icy (thank goodness). My morning ritual of scraping the windshield has rarely reduced me to bad words, either muttered or snarled aloud.

Intriguingly, a Dartmouth College spinoff thinks it has the technology to make sure all windshield will behave that nicely every winter.

The company is called IceCode. It whetted my appetite with an online video showing an ice-encrusted windshield that, within seconds after a blast from the company’s “pulse electro-thermal de-icing” technology, can be cleared by the wipers. ...

The technology was developed by Dartmouth engineering professor Victor Petrenko, whose work in semiconductor physics included studying the semiconductor properties of ice, which Martinez described as seeing whether we could “turn polar ice caps into solar cells.”

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