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PHOTOS: Formula Hybrid racing at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway

May 06, 2013   |   by Andrea Morales   |   Concord Monitor

This year, the seventh year since the Formula Hybrid racing competition started, the Dartmouth team went fully electric. The event, founded by the Dartmouth Thayer School of Engineering and takes place this week at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway, challenges students to design, build and compete hybrid and electric vehicles. While some other teams competed in both hybrid and electric categories, Dartmouth focused on just electric. The team’s preserved the same body they’ve competed with over the last four years, but stripped out the engine and wiring so that it runs entirely on electricity. The competition continues today where teams will face what is arguably the toughest challenge, the Endurance event, where they must compete for the fastest time in a 22-kilometer race.

Dartmouth Formula Racing team
Dartmouth Formula Racing team at Formula Hybrid. Photo by Kathryn LoConte Lapierre.

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