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NH's Engineering Boom

Jun 14, 2017   |   Business NH Magazine

"Enrollment in NH’s engineering programs are on an upswing, college and university officials confirm. And schools are responding by growing their engineering programs," reports Business NH Magazine.

"Dartmouth’s Thayer School of Engineering is raising money for an estimated $200 million expansion project ... The new engineering building will roughly double the engineering footprint at Dartmouth but will also include the computer science department. 'By computer science moving in with us, we’re really talking about a convergence between the digital and physical world,' says [Dean Joe] Helble. 'People who write code for software need to be thinking intimately about the need for hardware. We’re envisioning a center for integrated design with faculty working side by side. This sort of thing hasn’t been done very often.' Meanwhile, the number of engineering students at Dartmouth is at an all-time high, he says. The 2016 senior class had 117 engineering majors, the largest in the school’s history."

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