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News from the Society: Fossum Snags an Emmy Award

Jan 03, 2022   |   Optica

"Congratulations to Optica Fellow Eric Fossum, Dartmouth College, USA, on his receipt of a Technology & Engineering Emmy Award from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS)," reports Optica.

"Fossum was honored for inventing and pioneering the intra-pixel charge transfer CMOS image sensor. The award was presented in a ceremony on 4 November.

"The Technology & Engineering Emmys are given to individuals, companies or organizations that have made a significant impact on the transmission, recording or reception of television. Fossum, who originally created the intra-pixel charge transfer CMOS image sensor for interplanetary spacecraft travel decades ago, had no idea at that time that his invention would have such a broad impact. 'I might be most proud of the role my technology has played in the support of social justice in the past few years,' he says."

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