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New Hampshire — The Next Medical Manufacturing Hub?

May 23, 2017   |

Professor Tillman Gerngross and Dean Joe Helble are referenced and Professor Laura Ray is quoted in this article highlighting Dartmouth's unique approach to the intellectual property (IP) generated by its students and faculty. (Dartmouth grants start-ups full IP rights in exchange for a 4-percent founders' equity in the company.)

The article also mentions that Thayer School, which is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, has a strong medical engineering focus, and roughly a third of its faculty have started their own companies—the highest rate in the country.

"Between its picturesque landscapes, leaders like Kamen and Gerngross and a host of incentives designed to encourage new and existing companies—not the least of which is the state’s notable lack of sales and income taxes," writes Ian Wright for, "I wouldn’t be surprised to see New Hampshire become an American medical manufacturing hub."

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