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New Hampshire colleges to develop biomaterials

Oct 02, 2018   |   The Dartmouth

"The College may be on its way to developing biomaterials with the potential to improve human quality of life," writes The Dartmouth. "Faculty at Dartmouth have joined the New Hampshire Center for Multiscale Modeling and Manufacturing of Biomaterials or N.H. Biomade, a statewide research effort recently awarded a $20 million five-year grant by the National Science Foundation.

..."The project contains four different research areas: polymers for orthopedics, porous, conductive biosensors, sheet metals for implants and scaffolding for tissues, according to engineering professor Ian Baker.

..."Baker, chemistry professor Chenfeng Ke, chemistry professor Katherine Mirica and Thayer School of Engineering professor Douglas Van Citters are leading the research efforts across their respective fields. University of New Hampshire engineering professor Brad Kinsey will be leading the investigation as a whole.

..."'The most positive thing that will come out of this is that there will be new collaborations between Dartmouth and UNH and the community college system, since we all have a common goal for biomaterials research and development, and perhaps even commercialization,' Van Citters said.

"Collaborating with people from outside the Dartmouth community increases the diversity of Dartmouth’s student body, he said. Van Citters added that undergraduate students will also have the opportunity to work on the project."

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