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New Gerngross startup Arsanis raises $9.6M

Jul 29, 2011   |   by Rodney H. Brown   |   Mass High Tech

Biotech startup Arsanis Inc. of Lebanon, N.H., has raised $9.6 million in a new round of funding, according to federal documents. Arsanis is another creation of Tillman Gerngross and Errik Anderson, both of Lebanon’s Adimab Inc.

According to the filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Arsanis has as directors Terrence McGuire of Polaris Venture Partners, Michael Ross of SV Life Sciences and Carl Gordon of Caduceus Private Investments. The filing does not spell out by name the backers of Arsanis, but Polaris and SV Life Sciences are both backers of Adimab.

Gerngross, an engineering professor at Dartmouth College, previously founded the biotech company GlycoFi Inc., which he sold a couple of years ago to Merck & Co. Inc. for over $400 million. GlycoFi was also backed by Polaris and SV Life Sciences.

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