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NASA Unveils Student-Made Technologies For Exploring Moon's Dark Side

Feb 18, 2020   |   International Business Times

"NASA has partnered with different universities to develop technologies that it will use for its upcoming mission to the Moon. The agency confirmed that these new technologies would be used to explore the lunar surface’s dark side," according to International Business Times.

"NASA’s upcoming lunar mission is part of its new spaceflight program known as Artemis. The agency plans to collect data from the Moon in preparation for a human mission in 2024.

For the upcoming mission, NASA established the Breakthrough, Innovative and Game-Changing (BIG) Idea Challenge that awarded teams from eight universities with a grant of almost $1 million to develop new technologies for the Moon.

One of the institutions working with NASA is Arizona State University, which is developing a spring catapult that can launch ball-shaped probes to collect data from different locations. Dartmouth College is also working on four-wheeled rover scouts that will navigate through the Moon’s terrain to explore various locations around its poles."

This story was also covered in SlashGear.

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