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Meet the newest piece of technology aiming to curb concussions in football

Sep 11, 2017   |   The Globe and Mail

A feature story about how the University of Calgary Dinos are using the Mobile Virtual Player (MVP), a robotic tackling dummy, in their practices. The MVP was invented by Dartmouth engineers Elliot Kastner '13, Thayer '14 and Quinn Connell '13, Thayer '14, in collaboration with Eugene "Buddy" Teevens '79, the Robert L. Blackman Head Football Coach.

"For football coaches and players, the Mobile Virtual Player, dubbed MVP, is one dummy they can learn from," reports The Globe and Mail. "It first saw the light of an engineering lab two years ago at Dartmouth in New Hampshire. It was an idea born of head coach Buddy Teevens's wish that no Dartmouth football player should ever have to tackle a teammate in practice.

"That concept was taken to Elliot Kastner, a former Dartmouth defensive lineman, and Quinn Connell, former captain of the school's rugby team. Together, the two engineering students took a standard tackling dummy and gave it two drive wheels, knobby tires and more bounce back than a Bozo the Clown inflatable punching bag. It wasn't long before the prototype was shown on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

"Since then, more than a dozen National Football League teams have tried it."

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