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New issue of Dartmouth Engineer magazine

Mar 05, 2013

The newest issue of Dartmouth Engineer, the magazine of Thayer School of Engineering, is now online.


March 2013 Cover
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  • Creative Connections: Students find intersections between the arts and engineering. As Dartmouth celebrates the Year of the Arts, marking the 50th anniversary of the Hopkins Center for the Arts, nine engineering majors describe how they bring art and engineering together.
  • The Space Weathermen: Space weather researchers William Lotko and Simon Shepherd want to help protect the technological world from solar storms. If meteorologists could have predicted the exact path and strength of Hurricane Sandy, more people might have moved their families and possessions to safer ground.
  • Re-engineering the Machine Shop: New spaces and equipment remove barriers to inventiveness. Thayer School debuted its retooled machine shop fall term, complete with a larger space, reorganized layout, new equipment, and an expanded student task force to help run the shop. The improvements are making machining easier and safer than ever for students.

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