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Lebanon-based Simbex Aims to Help Bring New Technologies to Market

Sep 18, 2020   |   New Hampshire Union Leader

This article about Simbex, a company led by Dartmouth Engineering Professor Richard Greenwald, is part of the New Hampshire Union Leader's 2020 Innovators section.

"Researchers and engineers with great ideas sometimes need help getting their innovations from the concept stage to being a fully marketed product, and that’s where Lebanon’s Simbex comes into play.

"Rick Greenwald, the CEO and president of Simbex, said his company works with researchers to get their products ready.

“'We develop products for commercialization, end-to-end commercialization, de-risking their technology, getting it ready for the commercial market,' Greenwald said.

"Simbex focuses on wearable technology like fall prevention devices for the elderly, products that help prevent pressure ulcers for people who are bedridden, wound care technologies to help keep wounds from getting worse, and for head impact products for sports."

"...The Simbex team is able to work out the issue a particular product might have getting to market, testing out how it will get used in the field, and clearing the various regulatory hurdles the product might face, Greenwald said."

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