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It’s Not Just You: Many Are Placing Bets on Summer Travel

Apr 14, 2021   |   The New York Times

"Airfare, typically purchased well in advance, can be a barometer of how the public is feeling about the pace of recovery, and summer fares are surging," reports The New York Times.

..."'This crisis is all about demand,' said Vikrant Vaze, an associate professor of engineering at Dartmouth College who studies the airline industry. 'It’s not like the oil price crisis, where the challenge was about costs. This crisis originated on the demand side, and now you see supply and prices responding to new demand.'

"Mr. Vaze says demand is increasing because of what people see happening around them — largely the faster pace of vaccination — as well as the messaging from the government and other trusted sources about what to expect."

..."'It’s quite fascinating how the ground reality and the messaging matter right now,' he said. 'People read the news, people think about it. The vaccine availability is a big deal, and the messaging is another big deal.'

Also appeared in: The Boston Globe

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